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System Interconnected to the network

electrical SIR and isolated system SA.

Our services

Smart Energy Solution offers you the complete solar panel installation service which gives you the possibility to produce your own sustainable energy, providing advice for you to choose the best solar system option for your home or business rate.

Engineering and Design


Designing each project tailored to the needs of each client. Carefully studying your current energy situation to generate a fitting proposal taking into consideration your feeding and areas available for installation. A good design and system engineering facilitates and improves the installation, and in return, guarantees more approximate energy projections.

Installation and Development


Installation and project development is a fundamental part of photovoltaic systems. We offer a forefronts installation service, maintaining the best components and installation materials, as well as certified personnel to perform electrical installations. With all certainty we can ensure a quality, safe and permanent installation.

Efficiency Surveilling


We use the latest technology to make sure that the performance of the photovoltaic system is optimal. The monitoring allows us to visualize in real time both the energy consumption of the building and the solar energy production. With this we can also make energy efficiency proposals to maximize your savings.

System interconnected to the network (SIR)

Operation diagram for interconnected systems of the electric network.

Sistema interconectado a la red (SIR)

Isolated system (SA)

Operation diagram for isolated systems.

Sistema aislado (SA)


5 years of experience allow us to cover efficiently from small residential projects to large commercial and industrial projects.



The first and most important requirement for a residential user is that his electricity bill indicates that it’s a HCD (High Consumption Domestic) user, otherwise it’s NOT an applicant.
If you are a HCD’s client, you’re an applicant to acquire a system that will allow you to generate light for 20 years at the lowest rate. Ask about our credit plans.
We offer various electrical generation systems from 1KW hour. Ask for an advisor.

Comerciales e Industriales

Commercial and Industrial

Our systems in shops and industries have characteristics that make them complex, which is why they are classified as engineering projects. The taxes most benefited with photovoltaic projects are OM.
However, with other taxes you can obtain significant savings by replacing luminaires or distributing the energy load at different times.
At Smart Energy Solution we offer solutions that include an analysis of your electrical installation to find immediate savings through:

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